Learning About Pablo Picasso, From The'Melancholy Paintings to Cubism

People people who are interested in the art know about Pablo Picasso. But also for people who have not followed his entire life story, you'd truly be perplexed as to why he came from producing melancholy paintings to modern people packed up with many angles or what was known because the Cubism movement in art.

What drove Picasso to climb from his somehow depressed country into keeping up with the changing world and establishing Cubism? Let us learn about his entire life narrative to be aware of the response to this question.

The Life of Pablo Picasso

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born on October 25, 1881, and came to be described as a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, platform designer, poet and playwright who spent most of his life in France.

As a young child, he showed natural, yet extraordinary artistic talent that improved through his childhood and adolescence. As he grew, he investigated with the countless methods, different notions and thoughts from his or her art. The type of Pablo Picasso paintings made him among those pioneers of contemporary art.

The Blue Phase

By 1901 to 1904, Picasso's style of art a bull interval. That is because he mainly painted floral paintings in colors of blue and blue. If this period exactly started was uncertain. However, the passing of his close friend Carlos Casagemas may possibly have a huge part to play with.

In the latter part of 1901, Picasso sank into melancholy and produced paintings that profoundly portray his feelings. The reason why, his finances suffered because buyers weren't enthusiastic about his works. Picasso's depression ended, the Rose Stage followed.


Picasso's career in art has been categorized in phases. After the Blue period came Rose, African-Influenced, and, finally, Cubism, which is probably the most famous within his deadline. This movement has been his response to this fast changing modern world.

Picasso Cubism is the way of achieving his goal of reflecting the modern age. He used geometric contours, airplanes, and twisted characters and forms to show unique things in one plane.

Cubism is a groundbreaking movement within the realm of art. And that established Picasso as a star.

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